Emergency Stop! Chapter 4
Emergency Stop! Chapter 4 romance stories

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In Chapter 4 Abby and Evan are still stuck in the elevator at the new World Trade Center but find a way to pass the time (ah-hem).

Emergency Stop! Chapter 4

by H. Lobecker

Now a soft kiss - Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss. - John Keats, English - Poet

"We are still having technical difficulties,"said the Voice in the elevator ceiling. "This may take us a few hours to solve."

"A few hours!" Abby started worrying her hands again and tapping her black wedge shoe in the elevator. Her slim body was full of nervous energy and her toe tap-tap-tapped on the elevator floor.

Evan sat on the floor to get a better view of her delicate ankles. He took his time looking her over, letting her know his hands wanted to touch what his eyes were enjoying.

A scorching look from his deep blue eyes burned the backs of her knees. It was like he could see through her conservative grey skirt and all the way up, up, up her thighs and curvy hips.

The elevator space shrunk around them as the heat between them got more intense. Abby's anxious blue eyes skittered around the elevator, she couldn't meet his stare. He wasn't concerned. He knew how to get her to look at him.

Evan sat on the floor and took off his shoes.

And just like that Abby sat down next to him, pointed incredulously at his feet and said,

"Those are some pretty silly socks."

Abby was finally smiling. Evan grinned at her, happy she was distracted. "I've also got Darth Vader, polka-dots and some with pizzas my niece gave me for Christmas," he said.

Abby laughed at that, just as he knew she would.

Pizza socks! She sat down next to him and took off her shoes too. Might as well get comfortable seeing as how they were trapped in an elevator together.

She leaned on his broad shoulder for support and static electricity caused a spark to jump from her arm to his hand. "Whoa," Abby said. "Wow , " Evan said. The suns in Abby's eyes turned intense and hot.

Evan felt her heat and wanted to claim it. He put his hands on her arms and pulled her towards him, staring into her super nova eyes. She put her hand on his chest to stall him but his deep blue eyes pulled her to him.

Their foreheads touched, their eyes where wide open. And then they kissed. Oh Whoa. Oh Wow. Oh What A Kiss.

The kiss was all that mattered.

His mouth exploring hers. Her lips softly touching his. Her stomach dropping, his pants tightening. Elevator? What elevator?

She couldn't think beyond the intimate place they created together. He never wanted to get out.

DING! The elevator started moving.

The lights started flashing. "We solved the problem and you'll be out in no time," said the Voice in the ceiling. Their mouths fell apart and they stared at each other.

"Now what?" asked Abby.

She was at a loss. What was the day going throw at her next? "Now we have fun," said Evan. He helped her up and on the way he ran his hands down her back and onto her cute behind.

"Oh boy," said Abby, for once she had no idea what

was going to happen next. "Oh boy!" said Evan as the doors finally opened on the 39th floor and he realized his contracting meeting was with Abby.

He had the whole day to convince her

to go out with him that night. The whole day to think of ways to loosen that pony tail and get her hair down. The whole day to find a way to kiss her again. And feel that heat one more time.

See what happens next in Chapter 5!

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