Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Blood, Sweat, and Tears mental illness stories

heartsonpaper Jumble of old and new poetry
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They've beat me They've struck me day in and day out

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

They've beat me

They've struck me day in and day out

Never ceasing to heal my injuries

Never letting me rest

They leave me to lie in the dirt as I feel every forceful blow

Their determination is frightening

It's just as scary as the darkness they lead me into

I'll look up at them with pleading eyes

What more could you want from me?

You toss me about and throw me on the cold hard ground more times than I could ever keep track

There's not an inch of me that isn't covered in blood and bruised

Am I even human anymore?

Have they drove me to collide with the earth?

Shall I soon be reduced to dust?

Become one with the earth again?


No I cannot let that happen

They may have a strong determination

But I have a will

I have a will to live

To show them that even though they have defeated me I can resurrect myself

I will bring myself back to life someday

I hear them cackling with joy as they walk away, bats at their shoulders, cocky hands on hips

I feel them getting farther away

I feel their energy diminishing from my field

My body won't move

My eyes won't open

My lungs won't even open up to breathe

But my mind.

My mind stays afloat

Just lingering here in this limbo between life and death

The easy way out

I could just let go

And have this be the end

But as I said before

I have a will

To rise again

But until then, a gentle smile spreads across my face

I win.

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