home is not where my heart is
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heartoutaddywriter ~ dreamer ~ thinker
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this is my first post. i wanted it to illustrate the innermost workings of my heart and mind, in their current state. i recently moved home from college for the summer. this is how i feel about being constantly surrounded by my family. while i love them with my whole heart and soul, i feel suffocated. thank you. with love, xx

home is not where my heart is

by heartoutaddy

they say home is where your heart is. i don't know where my heart is. i must have misplaced it a long time ago, lost among my broken dreams and forgotten memories

i'm not sure of anything anymore. if home is where my heart is, why is my chest hollow when i return "home" each day? the house of my parents is not my home, clearly.

home is not where my heart is. my heart is far away from here, floating through the stars; my heart is at the bottom of the ocean, discovering the unknown. my heart is nowhere to be found.

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A reminder that home is someone not somewhere even if you grew up there it doesn't mean it a place you wish to call home A great story