The Hidden Spark
The Hidden Spark  letting go stories

hclegg06 Community member
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Can you really love someone you didn't know? A poem that explores questions about relationships and love where you feel there might not be any left.

The Hidden Spark

Can you really love someone you didn't know?

Even if once a cord connected you---you were created with their everything---

Can you still feel nothing?

But it's not nothing---but it's not the something you thought you'd feel by now.

You searched all the channels of your heart and your mind,

looking for the spark, the kindling, the gust of wind

to blow away the ashes so you can feel the embers still burning red below---

But you can't, and the not knowing could take you to a place where there is no end---

So, you pour the water on the spots where the last fire was held, long ago before the conscious hours began.

You let the tide roll in, and you let it go.

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