George and the slow coach
George and the slow coach stories

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A story of a boy, a train and a tree.

George and the slow coach

George was bad at waiting. Steam would be coming out of his cartoon self but instead his cheeks flushed, tears formed in his eyes and he bobbed from foot to foot.

He cuffed impatiently at the tears.

"All aboard!" a tinny voice demanded. Slow, painful progress as little wheels stuttered and clattered over the track.

George peered more intently than ever but no train emerged from the twinkly, baubly world of the 'other side of the tree'.

"Come on little train!" George's dad shouted, "you can make it!"

George risked a glance behind to see that his dad, his face bright in the glow of fairy lights, was standing now. George turned back to the tree.

With a mighty shudder that made the whole tree tremble, the train rounded the corner and arced gracefully around the track in front of George.

All too soon, the train turned the shadowy corner and was gone again. George took up his tense vigil once more. George's dad picked up the baubles that had fallen to the floor.

They both waited.

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