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Friendship in New York City

Modern Life


I went by your old place on West 26th Street

Your name was no longer on the buzzer. I pushed it anyway.

When an Asian woman answered I knew you were gone.

Nobody coming out of the building seemed to remember you

Just goes to show.

I went by the old diner at which we used to eat

Same handwritten signs Same menus

Same old tables.

But no you.

I found it strange that the waitress remembered me, but couldn't remember

The guy who'd been going there for decades.

Maybe I should have brought a photo

To spark her memory

Maybe I should have reached out to you,

Bitten the bullet and swallowed my pride

Because now the fight seems trivial

Its the rest of the stuff that seems important,

All the good stuff we shared.

People used to sew patches on old jeans and put new soles

on favorite shoes.

Modern life has changed. We throw things out and buy new.

But some things are irreplaceable.

They are worth the effort a repair would require.


My friend.

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