Hazel McGoo's Last Laugh
Hazel McGoo's Last Laugh humor stories
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The story of a crazy cat lady.

Hazel McGoo's Last Laugh

Stop FEEDING those cats Hazel McGoo Screamed all the women in town.

For Hazel McGoo shared her food and her home With every cat from miles around.

She'd put out mackerel, tuna and steak And pork and chicken and rice,

And as the cats chowed down, she'd join right in And think "now isn't this nice?"

She'd yell at the ladies that she'd do as she pleased And feed any old cat she wants.

She was never bothered by the people in town Or their screams, or their yells or their taunts.

Then without a peep she died in her sleep. And nobody had a clue.

After a few weeks, the people all wondered What happened to Hazel McGoo?

Late one night the noise began As the cats all mewed and cried

Until finally the neighbors Broke down the door To take a peek inside

All that was left was a pile of bones, The cats had eaten the rest.

Hazel McGoo got the last laugh She had fed them even in death.

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