Jurassic Park III Redux: A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- Chapter I

Jurassic Park III Redux: 
A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- 

Chapter I action stories

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Here's how I personally would've written Jurassic Park 3 to improve on what we got in the final product. It's 4 chapters total. I don't expect many to read it but feedback's welcome: 👍

Jurassic Park III Redux: A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- Chapter I

Introduction- Here's how I personally would have written Jurassic Park III to in some alternate universe improve on what we got in the final product. It is four chapters total in length. I don't expect many to read it but any & all feedback is welcome: 👍 (Note: This version changes the canon in that the sequels as we know them do not transpire)

In the 8 years since Jurassic Park, its survivors became famous, bombarded with unwanted attention + career opportunities.

This publicity however soon gave way to controversy, especially following the San Diego "incident".

Case in point: Alan Grant who, after losing his love for dinosaurs in light of past trauma and paleontological research funding, settled for a University professor job teaching intimately detailed science & history behind dino's.

Despite decent pay and frequent seminars, he still must sometimes deter persistent attempted questions (in spite of his best efforts) about Jurassic Park.

On the bright side, he's entered a new adventure with his now wife Ellie, still awkwardly struggling in fatherhood to two kids but happy nonetheless.

Occasionally missing his former work, he suffers from rare nightmares Ellie helps him through (having experienced some before herself).

He's surprised one class by a visit from an older Lex, whom he reminisces with over coffee, giving condolences for her grandpa Hammond's passing years earlier as well as apologizing for his and Ellie's absence from the funeral.

She's invited for dinner to see Elllie and meet the family. After the kids are put to bed however, Lex admits this isn't purely a social visit and confides in the couple that she needs their help, the reason being: Her brother's missing.

Unlike Alan, young Timmy had long since gone the opposite direction on dino's, pouring his inheritance from their late grandpa into learning more about InGen's activities with these "genetically engineered theme park monsters".

His focus was Dr. Henry Wu, who eluded numerous suits during InGen's government investigations before setting up his next off-the-books expeditions to Isla Sorna to recover irreplaceable data from its ruined facilities.

Late InGen CEO Peter Ludlow, prior to his death in The Lost World, had already been in the planning process of this with Wu (the latter being contractually given mission control afterward) in the years following Isla Nublar's disaster.

Against Lex's protests, Tim mounted his own illegal expedition via ship to beat Wu's team to the labs, document its research, and finally expose InGen's criminality worldwide. He provided Lex a covert number for her only, to reach him.

That was months ago, weeks after Tim's voyage was scheduled to return, and she's had no contact with him.

Sparing no expense, Lex visited every authority to organize a potential rescue with no results even from the U.S. Embassy. She gets to the point that her team are hesitant to brave Isla Sorna's wilderness without a guide after stories of what befell the 1997 expedition.

Specifically, someone with "personal hands-on expertise" in dino's. She asserts that she knew of the Grants' family status even before meeting with Alan and doesn't wish to endanger them.

But at the same time, she's DESPERATE, having already begged Ian Malcolm & his wife Sarah for help to no avail.

Understandably, he wouldn't leave his family. Lex leaves her conflicted old friends with her contact information and a time/place to reconvene, pleading that they at least take the week to consider it (even offering to pay them handsomely).

As expected, Alan meets with Lex the following week at her listed location to sadly decline. Suddenly, he's met by hired guns who threaten him and break his cell! Lex apologizes to Alan before he's knocked out!

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