Treasured Memories
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Some thoughts from Roselyn as she looks back upon her life (See my page for more of her stories)

Treasured Memories

by HarmonyQueen86

They always tell you to never grow up too fast.

That you'll miss the days of your youth, the days of your innocence.

My childhood wasn't ideal,

But I'd give anything to go back now. Being sheltered, being an orphan, being a high schooler, all of them are better than being nothing.

Now I am truly alone.

No family, no friends, nothing.

Treasured memories are all I have of them now.

I wish I could relive those moments, I wish I could go back to when times were simple.

But life will continue on,

with me along for the ride. I'll keep pushing on, I'll survive.

But I miss the memories, the moments that truly matter.

All I have of them now are cracked pictures and my own recollections.

I'd give anything to be reading by the edge of Mimi's pond,

or arguing with Ismus over who's a better runner. I'd give anything to have my innocence.

I know I can't. I have to live with the choices I made.

Now I have to create new moments for myself, ones forged out of pain and loneliness.

May your future shine brighter than mine.

May you find love and happiness

I wish my suffering upon nobody.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This was a painful retrospective to read and I am sure to write. It was beautifully and coherently written. Great post!!!!