Imperfectly Perfect

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So today I thought I'd get a little personal with you all. This is the sad truth about myself.

Imperfectly Perfect

by HarmonyQueen86

Rarely do I speak about myself,

but today I thought I'd let all my fans and followers get to know me on a personal level.

Many here know me as a writer, a novelist.

But I am still human, with thoughts, desires, and feelings.

And here's a sad truth about me:

I have very low self esteem.

All my life, I've had a poor self image

I've been bullied, tormented, and put down all my life. And that's the sad truth.

But I'm still here, I'm still going.

And to promote positivity, I'm going to share some pictures with you all. Everyone is beautiful and unique. I want this to help improve my self image and fill the internet with positive images.

Nobody is perfect, me especially.

I'm perfectly imperfect~ To my followers, you're all special and so wonderful. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you ~

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tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
I have the same kind of life except mine is mixed with more horror and stress...I'M NOT SAYING MY LIFE IS WORSE! Because I don't FULLY know how you felt with it...or how it emotionally traumatized you...I don't know the details...I'm simply just saying that I have a similar life. You are very beautiful....your self image is not as important as your REAL self... your body is just a body with a beautiful sole inside! Although that dress did look really fine on you...woah that sounded creepy...just ignore that creepy part and hopefully you see the kindness I'm trying to put beneath my words!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
Thank you. it is good to know you like this. I am yet to see the imperfection. I assume that is a surprise you will spring on us later. All I saw was a bunch of gorgeous chicks and one lucky Dude. Great post!!!!!!!!

papercutRecycled stardust .
8 months agoReply