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Just wanted to write to you all about how I felt today~


by HarmonyQueen86

Today, I want to write to you all

about happiness.

For over four years,

I've struggled with depression, I've struggled with being happy, I've struggled with being myself.

And all of a sudden

I feel free. For the first time in a long time, I am truly happy.

I haven't been depressed for days.

My heart feels light and airy. My soul is unchained.

Hope, I have found hope.

Hope to live another day, hope that happiness will come one day.

For those that have similar struggles:

Don't lose faith, don't give up hope. The road may be long and hard, and even filled with pain.

But that does not mean you aren't strong enough to overcome

Because you are. In your soul is strength and beauty.

Never stop fighting, for one day you will be free

I wish happiness upon all of you, and the freeness I feel now; everyone deserves a happy ending.

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