Chapter 3: The Act of a Princess
Chapter 3: The Act of a Princess queen-of-light stories
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Chapter 3: The Act of a Princess

by HarmonyQueen86

"We don't have many leaves in stock," I apologize.

"So the price in the market isn't accurate."

"W-what's the price?" Her voice shakes as her breath deepens

"Normally it's 10 pariels, but..." My stomach tightens. The new price is almost as much as a drug store would charge. "Because of our bad season we've had to raise it to almost 50 pariels."

"50 pariels!" Her face is a stark contrast to her clothes.

Ashen, completely drained of color. "I-I can't afford that." Her voice is barely a whisper. She trembles on each word. Water glosses over her pale blue eyes.

I feel bad for her, I really do.

Many people rely on us to supply them with what the commercial stores can't, and when we have a bad season we can't help them like we're supposed to.

I frown. Is there anything I can do?

What would Ruby do? You want to be more like her right?

I do, even if I don't look like a princess;

I can still act like one. I can have her heart, one full of love and kindness for others.

I smile, gazing directly into her blotchy red eyes.

"Don't worry." I grab a leaf and place it in a tiny to-go box under the counter. "If 10 pariels is all you can afford, just pay that."

My eyes drift to Mimi.

She's still reading a fortune for a customer; completely oblivious to me.

The woman's eyes widen. "You mean that?"

I nod and push the box towards her. "We do just fine. Those who are struggling deserve help."

"Sweetie, you're a life saver. Really."

A couple of tears dribble town her cheeks as she exchanged a red pariel for the box. "I'll never forget this."

I wave to her as she exits, the box over her heart.

I won't tell Mimi what happened. Lying is wrong, but that woman looked like she could really use the help. A white lie is a small price to pay for her happiness; Ruby would have done the same.

Mimi makes her way over to the counter.

"How did it go?"

My heart races. "G-great."

She eyes me curiously. "Why so nervous, dear?" I swallow. "No reason." Her eyes examine me a moment. "You can run along now. I can take the shop from here."

I nod and exit towards the kitchen.

"I saw what you did, Roselyn," she says as I turn my back. Her voice is calm, but I know on the inside she isn't.

The guilt in my chest throw my heart against my ribs.

"Y-you did? She sighs. "Roselyn, I'm not mad. You were just trying to help, right?"

I face her and nod. "10 pariels was all she could afford."

Her smile calms my nerves. "You've always been such a sweet child. But," Her gaze hardens. "We can't give everyone price cuts all the time. I have to make a living too sweetie. For you, for us."

"Yes, Mimi." I'm relieved she isn't too upset with me.

Her smile returns. "I think it's a good day to go out to the market, what do you say?"

"Really!" I beam at her.

"It's not a busy day. Besides, we need some supplies anyway."

"Thank you!" I squeeze her tight.

Mimi grabs our traveling cloaks from the closet as she begins to close up shop.

"Mimi," I say as we walk. "I love you."

Her motherly warmth beams down on me. "I love you too, Roselyn."

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