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happyuncertainsmall, with much heart, and uncertainity
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This is a poem about a girl, who wants to marry the man she loves.


I'm terrified

by how easy you could break me, make me-

Oh darling,

just take me.

Play me like a fiddle,

let me bend to your will.

I dream about your calloused fingers, and stalwart demeanor,

my romance is to trace the minutiae of your body.

The expanse of your chest,

your chiseled jaw, your sensitive ears.

Hear me, you debonair.

You honest, you perfect- Oh, I know you're not flawless.

But with your spirit of a boy, and body like an Adonis,

how can I not want to have you?

And oh, would I have you.

I'd have you, take you- take you anywhere you want to go.

Every day I'd wake you, slow,

so slow you're floating- but keep you grounded with my love, so here's to hoping.

Hoping you let me have you, before my own mind consumes me;

torturing myself, in my own hand-made purgatory.

I wander the depths of my mind, searching for your body.

I long for any piece of you to hold against me.

I seek out your illuminating soul,

my own slowly molding into a maudlin abyss.

This cave in my heart,

only you can make whole.

And yet, you act cavalier to my desire.

You plague me with hope.

Pleasure from you is torture,

and the reality is that there is nothing final in our aching.

We writhe, and grope. Undo each other- for what?

There is no sweet release from you. Only a gradually building explosion.

A glass on the edge of a table; a hand raised to strike.

The agonizing wait.

So close to the climax of our fervor,

but for now, only dissatisfaction left in your wake.

You said it would be worth the wait.

But with every rising tide, with every crashing wave, so we both succumb.

Crashing, thrashing, we fall.

Diving deeper until we're drowning, and completely numb with each other.

Our bodies become close, but our souls are distant.

The beating of the drum growing louder in my ears; clouding my judgement.

All I wanted was you, but I can't take it.

I can't take your body until I have your soul, and that's all I really wanted.

Because we will never truly be free until we are bonded.

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