Dawn of the Others
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Jasleen can't figure out why her friend Jewel is becoming so distance. She understands her friend is class president, but this seemed different. She's been gone for a few days and now, Jasleen has suspicions that Jewel is hiding something from her. But people are starting to warn her about Jewel. Saying she's more than what she seems. Can Jasleen find out Jewel's secret, or can she expose her friend unexpectedly.

By: Tatyiana (happybunny540)

Dawn of the Others

by Tatyiana (happybunny540)

As Jewel made her way through the caverns, she couldn’t help but wonder why her father wanted to see her. She knew he would always call her when he had something he needed her to do, which she hated. But now, it seemed to be different. He sounded more excited than he usually did and he wasn’t busily rushing her to get there. Jewel had a strange feeling that he wasn’t telling her everything she needed to know. What could he be possibly hiding from me? Jewel thought to herself. She had a feeling it wasn’t good. By the time she turned the corner, her father was standing in the archway, causing her to jump. “DAD!” Jewel yelped. Her father smiled and gave her an affectionate hug, which was surprising to her because he never did. “Hello, Jewel.” he purred. “How is my wonderful daughter today?” He let go of her and backed away so she could enter. Then, he pulled something from behind his back. It was a necklace with a shiny sapphire surrounded by silver in the middle. The chain was made from sterling silver and the whole necklace seemed to have some sort of eerie feeling to it. “You see this?” her father asked. “Yes?” “It has been a long time since Emoris has had a proper ruler. They’ve never truly fit the qualities of what were expected of them. Now, I believe it’s time to show them what a real monarch is like.” Jewel blinked in confusion. Was her dad really telling her that she was going to be queen? She could never, never rule over an entire continent. She might be class president at school, but she could never be a monarch. It was just too much for her. “I, I could never be queen, dad.” Jewel stuttered. “What makes you think-” “Of course you can!” her father asserted. “I can see it. Just imagine yourself-” “I made it clear dad, I CAN’T!” Jewel exploded. Her dad flinched in surprise, his eyes wide. Jewel didn’t like to be pressured to do something. If she didn’t want to do something, that was it. No exceptions, and if her dad couldn’t realize that, she had no reason to stay. As Jewel turned to leave, her father suddenly grabbed her shoulder. “It’s finally coming out.” he said. “That part of you that knows you want it. Don’t fight it, Jewel. You know you were meant for it.” Jewel tried to bite back the horrible feeling. She hated to admit that her father was right. Now that she’s thought about it, she really wants it. Jewel turned around and exhaled. “You’re right.” she admitted. “I do want it.” Her father grinned and handed her the necklace. “But, what’s the point of the necklace?” “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.” Jewel took the necklace and placed it around her neck. Suddenly, she felt a sharp jolt and her eyes abruptly went dark. Images of her standing in a throne room and her surrounded by people in black cloaks flashed in her head before her vision returned and her eyes went back to normal. Jewel stumbled for a second before gulping down a strange fear. She didn’t know what it was, but whatever it could’ve been, she didn’t like it. But now, she had to show her dad that she could do this. Whatever that strange fear was, it wasn’t important right now. “Now, you need to put together members for your court. If you’re going to overthrow the current ruler, you’ll need a powerful regiment.” her father instructed. Jewel nodded. She knew a few people from her council that would be perfect. “Alright, before you know it, I’ll be in the palace. I might even consider you, but we’ll see.”

Jasleen and Woodrow were waiting inside the office for Jewel. She had told them she was going to talk to the councillor about something to do with her advisors. Since Jewel was class president, she had to report to the councillor every time they came up with a decision. Jasleen thought that was stupid, but she didn’t argue about it. Woodrow didn’t really care. He was just happy that Jewel would always take his ideas into consideration when she had her meetings. Jasleen and Woodrow were sitting in two chairs made from leather by the door. The office was a nice size and at the reception desk was Ms. Osborn. Behind her was the printers and a room that led into the library. To the left of the reception desk, was a long hallway with four rooms, including the councillor’s office, on the left side of the hall. To the right, down a longer hallway, was the principal and vice principals’ offices and the break room. Jasleen didn’t really like being in the office that much. Last time she was in here was because she had supposedly gotten in trouble for something she didn’t do. Luckily, Woodrow and Jewel were there to help her convince the principal that she didn’t do it. I wonder if the principal only listened because Jewel was the class president? It seemed highly unlikely, but that could’ve been the case. After waiting for what seemed like forever, Jewel stepped out the councillor’s office with a smile on her face. She walked over to them and leaned on Woodrow’s chair. “So, what did he say?” he asked her. “Mr. Hendricks said it would be okay if I started hosting meetings without having to come and report to him. He said he believes that he could trust me and knows that I’m pretty much responsible enough to handle it.” Jewel explained. “I heard a little bit of opinion in there. Did he really say it like that?” Woodrow jested. Jewel glared at him and he shrugged with a slight grin. “No, not like that, but something close to that.” Jewel sighed. Woodrow and Jasleen got up and they walked out the office with Jewel excitedly blabbering on about what all she could do. Since their school isn’t indoors, their lockers are located outside, lining the brick buildings. There were at least seven buildings at the university, including dorms and stables. Crossroads University was a large school. Over six hundred students and many teachers could easily fit the school with plenty of room for more. Their lockers were located near the auditorium. Once they got there, Woodrow started unloading his bag and stuffed things he didn’t need to his locker. Jasleen only brought her leather office bag and her duffle bag filled with a change of clothes. Her office bag only carried the few things she needed like her laptop, binder, and a few pens and pencils. Most of everything she needed was already in her locker. Jewel was checking her phone and once she was done, she scowled and shoved it back into her back pocket. She closed her locker and huffed. Before Jasleen could ask her what was wrong, Jewel was already walking away. “What’s wrong with her?” Woodrow wondered. He closed his locker and only held a binder. “I don’t know.” Jasleen answered. They watched Jewel for a moment before they went on to there class. As they walked to the auditorium, Jasleen couldn’t help but wonder why Jewel was so upset. She knew she had a lot on her mind, but Jasleen felt it was something else. She didn’t know what, so she tried hard not to think about it. Inside the auditorium, the building itself looked larger on the inside than the outside. The ceiling was lined with chandeliers and dark wood arches. The walls were separated with three columns of thirty-one rows worth of dark blue seats and a large stage in the very front. Up high, towards the back and on the sides, were more seats for higher peers, like Jewel’s council. The walls were painted white and the floor had white tiles. There were windows on the right and left walls shaped in a arc and their trims were surrounded with gold. Students were starting to fill in the seats. Jasleen looked around for any of Jewel’s council, but didn’t see any of them. They must of had another class before this one. Jasleen followed Woodrow through the tenth row of seats and picked one towards the middle. She made herself comfortable and set her stuff in her lap. Jasleen knew it was going to be a long day, so she decided to block everything out that bothered her, and just focused on school for the rest of the day.

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