The One Reasons Why
The One Reasons Why reason stories

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"There is a reason why i love you... That reason is something words can't describe." ~ My Girlfriend of 4 Years when i asked why she picked me

The One Reasons Why

Ive never been one to cry never been one to beg But one thing i ask Is for you to reason with me instead

Answer all of my questions And ill answer yours For you know im one to walk outdoors

"Sit with me" I say I promise though its not fun Cause I have questions But you can only ask one

So lets begin easier said then done Lets begin our talk with question one

"Do you love me?" I ask I know.... cliche But something about howyou answered Made my worries fade away

But before you answered You ask the one question of yours "Why?" You asked Nothing less Nothing more I sat there silent Thinking my heart was torn

"Do I love you?" you restated and laughed You got up from your seat To sweep me off my feet

"Before i met you I didn't believe in love. Now everytime i see you i can't stop thinking about our future. I know you're scared that i will leave but trust me babygirl, im not going anywhere...." you pause for i was silently crying on your shoulder.

I never did let you finish that reason... Cause your words were true But as i slept, listening to you through the phone. You whispered "I told you before and as you sleep. There is no words in the world to describe you, the love that is yours to keep"

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