You Deserve
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You deserve life, you deserve love, you deserve happiness

You Deserve

I know a girl who thinks she doesn’t deserve to be happy

But she deserves happiness as much as anyone else

She talks about how she hates herself and wants to die

And it hurts me because I’ve done all that I can

I know a boy who seems tired because he’s always helping everyone else

He deserves someone to help him and listen to his problems

He’s a great friend to all, and I want to be great back

He deserves all the love in the world, plus more

I know this isn’t really poetic, but I just had to say this

No matter who you are, Where you are, What you’ve done

Your life is precious and valuable

You are loved and appreciated by many

Even if you don’t have anyone, know that you have me

You deserve life, You deserve love, You deserve happiness

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