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hanniecakesAnd at last I see the light <3
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I have a fun challenge for you all... please check it out! :D <3


Hello everyone! :) So I've been trying to get back into writing, but it's been kinda hard. I've been trying to take more time working on each poem to make sure I convey the emotion I'm trying to convey. But, while I'm working on my latest poem, I thought it might be fun to give you guys a challenge...

I looked up a few new words that I have never heard of before. Some of them are rarer words, and some are in other languages. I collected a total of 30 words. So here's the challenge...

If you want to participate, message me and I will give you one of the words. It's first come, first serve. Remember, I only have 30 words, so if you want to participate, act fast! You don't have to include the word in your post, because I know that may be difficult. It just needs to be based off the given word.

Make sure you tag me or include me in the description so I can see it, comment on it, and give it a shoutout! This competition is just for fun; there is no winner.

Remember, I only have 30 words, so make sure you act fast! Thank you all, I love you!! <333

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