What Does Rejection Feel Like?
What Does Rejection Feel Like? dark stories
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hannakim_7 Community member
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Random little poem I wrote. Thought it would be a good first post and I hope you like it too! Sorry I'm not very good at descriptions tho.

What Does Rejection Feel Like?

He caught my mind,

I was safe, but trapped and blind.

I couldn't face the cold reality,

That there was no end in sight to see.

I saw the cliff. He pushed me off.

And before I fell, I heard his scoff.

Spiraling into the darkness,

I felt a sort of deep catharsis.

Futile attempts to save myself

Were in vain. I felt

his inevitable control.

And realized he left me with a hollow soul.

A soul missing a piece

And I acquiesced.

Even though that piece, you see,

Was just a little out of reach.

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