Forgiving Your Past
Forgiving Your Past positivity stories

hannahjackson overcoming BPD one step at a time
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A poem about todays challenge, remorse

Forgiving Your Past

Sometimes in life I’ve acted crazy Sometimes in life I’ve been rather lazy Sometimes in life I’ve acted the fool Sometimes in life I’ve been a massive tool

I could quite easily feel sorry for myself Put myself through stress and damage my health But what are we if we feel remorse Cos after all there must be a source

So I won’t stress about all I’ve done wrong Cos remorse can go on as the day is long Instead i’ll think to the future ahead I’ll forget about all the stupid things I’ve done and said

Dwelling on the past can do so much harm The future is where its at, the ultimate charm So I’ll look to future and where I can go From the past I refuse to take another blow

So my dear future where are you taking me What are the good things that I' ll see If I promise to rid myself of all of the past Will you give me my hopes and dreams to last

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