Danger Ahead
Danger Ahead trans stories

hannahdycus 17 years old. I write poems.
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Danger Ahead

by hannahdycus

You wrap

once, twice, three times,

until you look like the christmas present you’ve wanted

with a flat chest, with aching ribs.

You wrap

you know it’s not safe you know you shouldn’t be doing it you can’t bring yourself to care when you just want to look how you should

You wrap

you confess to a friend, slowly, unsure, with fear in your voice, that you don’t like that you have breasts she laughs and laughs

she says

"love your body, girl - I wish I looked like you" that’s not the problem

You wrap

you go to family dinner

listen to them talk about people like you listen to them say you’re inhuman listen to them switch topics as if they weren’t just threatening death listen to them until you can no longer

then you go to the bathroom

You unwrap

you look at the body you’ve been mistreating for years you look at your misshapen ribs

you look at your breasts, there when they shouldn’t be you look at your face, feminine when nothing could be further from the truth

You wrap again

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