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I love you

by hannaharnett

Honestly people say I love you these days without meaning it

It extremely bothers me to see a couple that just started dating that day or a week ago say "I love you" those three words seem to mean nothing anymore,

I just don't get it. Am I in the wrong here?

This boy told me he loved me. We aren't dating. I've probably known him for a total of 3-4 months. He barely knows me, and i don't like him like that, and he said he loved me as some sort of way

Am I wrong?

Am i wrong to actually want a relationship before someone says I love you? Am I wrong to want to know if it's real before I put everything that's mine on the line? I just it blows my mind.

I just don't get it

He said it like I was supposed to fall in love with him because he said I love you, and i'm like no. Why would you say that when I already told you I don't like you like that.

Am I a bad person?

I mean I told him before this incident that I didn't want to date him, and that he had hurt me. I told him I didn't want a relationship. I don't see how saying I love you is supposed to change it

I can't find myself in him

I told him specifically I refused to find myself in him because i don't know who i am right now or who i want to be, and dating him right now i would basically be finding myself in him.

I demand independence I refuse to find myself in otherpeople

I already went down that road, and when they leave you you have to start all over because all you knew was them, and you only were someone to compliment that one person. I demand to hold my own

Am I wrong here?

Is it wrong to refuse love because you want to love yourself first Is it selfish? I just don't want to jump off this cliff just to get hurt again. I want someone to love me but this feels robotic

I just don't want to jump off the wrong cliff

My reality is every choice is like jumping off a cliff, and in the end you're the only person at the bottom who will always catch you. I don't want to jump off this cliff just to break at the end

It feels so robotic

Everything about it feels so robotic, and I just wanted the spark like the movies even if that isn't realistic. I'm tired of losing. I'm damaged. I want to fix myself first. I don't want robotics

Commaful has helped so much

I was really struggling before I found commaful, and commaful has really helped me vent and clear my head when i know that no one i know is on here. Thank you so much. I can actually breathe

Please advise

I've cut off communication with the boy, and I feel like that's the right thing, and I honestly don't know what else to do. Help needed thanks so much

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