I love you... Part 2
I love you... Part 2 stories

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I love you... Part 2

by hannaharnett

Love is Subjective

Love is an opinion. There is no universal definition. Every definition about love you have ever read is wrong. So very wrong because I can guarantee my definition of love isn't the same as yours.

How do you know?

How do you know you love someone? Does it happen slowly, or all at once? Do you notice that you love them, or has it just always been there like a volcano waiting to erupt?

What if I told you my volcano has erupted.

And no this I'm not writing this as some sort of plea to be loved back. I understand that's not how it works. I also know that life isn't a taylor swift love song,.

Love is not a Romeo and Juliet Renactment

Love is an indescribable feeling. The only requirement is that you love yourself first, because you don't truly know what loving someone else is until you know how to love yourself.

But how do you know that your volcano has erupted?

It's simple. There's that one person. And no you don't have to call it love, but whatever you call it doesn't matter. But you know losing them would break you more than you've ever been broken.

Then there's the funny thing

When a volcano erupts it only stops when there is no magma left to rise to the surface, and it spreads like wildfire. And the thing about wildfire is it's hard to stop...

That's the other thing about a volcano.

The lava runs over everything old, and hardens into rock essentially making something new, and that's kind of what love does doesn't it? Everything you've ever shared with that one person is new

You know you're in love when...

When all of a sudden the idea of love doesn't scare you anymore. Sure I can't speak for you but the idea of love always scared me. Just the thought of being dependent on someone.

Someone who..

Someone who could ultimately destroy everything you've ever felt with one word, one action. To trust someone that much? I believe that's love.

You're emotional integrity

Putting your emotional integrity in someone else's hands like that? That takes balls. And if you're not ready you don't have to tell them you love them, but you must admit it to yourself.


It has a whole new meaning once you're there...

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