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"Being around you is supposed to make me relaxed... Why is it doing the exact opposite?"

Lavender// A Park Jimin Fanfic

"Being around you is supposed to make me relaxed... Why is it doing the exact opposite?"

December 27, 2017 I remember when we first met. You were wearing a white shirt.

December 27, 2017 Or maybe it was green.

February 1, 2018 Though you smelt like Lavenders, you were wild.

February 13, 2018 Is our relationship what others call... Toxic?

February 13, 2018 I don't think it is... You are the most perfect thing that has happened to me, Jimin.

February 19, 2017 I don't know why i still love you. I'm glad i do though.

February 20, 2018 Today you hit me again. I had to cover the bruise with my make up when i went out with my friends so they wouldn't see it.

February 23, 2018 Eight, nine, ten, eleven and counting. The bruises you gave me.

Was our relationship really destined for this?

February 28, 2018 "I'm going to kill you if you ever tell anyone" Is what you told me today.

You don't have to worry though. I love you.

March 1, 2018 Even if you don't love me, I'll stay here. At least i can still feel your warmth when we are sleeping.

March 3, 2018 I can hear you on the phone in the other room.

so how is Yu Na doing? Do you really love her as much as you say you do?

March 4, 2018 We did it last night. I didn't like it at all. You were cold, i was cold, you hurt me. Are you still the Jimin i know and love?

March 6, 2018 I'm starting to see that our relationship isn't getting any better.

and it's killing me inside.

March 7, 2018 I met a new person today. He was very kind and bright.

unlike you.

March 11, 2018 "Why do you hate me so much Jimin?" I screamed as i cried. "What have i done? What did i do to deserve this?"

He just stared.

"Look! Look at what you have done to me. I'm covered in black and blue." I cried as i showed him his handiwork.

He just stared.

"I'm leaving." I said quickly turning around.

My world went black.

March 10, 2018 I woke up in the basement today. I felt pain all over my body, though that was nothing new.

Looking around the basement i realized i was just thrown down here. Jimin didn't do anything.

I limped as i made my way over to the door. I looked down, and my ankle was black, blue and red. They were beautiful colours, i wanted to touch it. but i knew it would only bring myself pain.

"I probably hurt my ankle when i was thrown down here." I thought as i slowly made my way up the stairs.

when i finally made it to the top i found Jimin with a girl i didn't know on top of him.

Kissing in the couch i worked hard to buy.

March 11, 2018 I limped as fast as i could out of the house.

That girl was probably the one he was on the phone with.

I limped to the park that was a few blocks away. I would always go here when i got the chance. And here is the place i met that guy. I wasn't looking for him. I wasn't hoping he was there.

I just wanted to be with somebody that would take care of me and love me.

March 11, 2018 To my surprise, he was there. On the swing all alone.

'Should i walk up to him? Should i call out to him?... Maybe i should just leave...' I thought.

Like he sensed i was standing there, the boy turned around.



"Whats wrong?"

March 11, 2018 I don't know why i didn't answer him. I just... Didn't.

Limping over to him i sat on the swing beside his.

"Why are you limping are you okay?" He asked looking down at my bare feet "You don't have any shoes on! Why?" He said as he looked back to my face

"W...What happened to your face?" He asked, his voice and face laced with concern. " Who did this to you?"

"You... You ask so many questions." I said quietly. Even my own voice sounded strange to me.

"And you didn't answer any of them." he said with a sad smile.

"Do i have to?" I asked playing in the sand with my toes.

"Only one" He said catching my attention again,

"What's your name?"

Find out the rest in book 2! You can find Lavender on Wattpad on my account @mangalover099 Thanks for reading~ -Hanna

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