Snow kissed By jisungsjheekies
Snow kissed
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"Hurry up Ji!" Little white flurries floated gracefully from the sky as you and your best friend ran out of your house like children chasing an ice cream truck.

By jisungsjheekies

Snow kissed By jisungsjheekies

"Hurry up Ji!"

Little white flurries floated gracefully from the sky as you and your best friend ran out of your house like children chasing an ice cream truck.

Giddy with joy, you bounced around your front yard through the blanket of snow. Jisung giggled at your childish antics before joining alongside you, tackling you to the ground.

A delightful squeal escaped your mouth as a burst of white surrounded the two of you.

You raised yourself from the ground to look down at Jisung who'd begun to make snow angels. What a goofball, you snickered to yourself.

Tilting your head back to look at the winter sky, tiny snowflakes landed and danced upon your red cheeks.

With eyes closed, you opened your mouth wide, sticking your tongue out to allow the flurries to land on your tongue.

You could feel a snowflake or two land inside your mouth as it melted instantly. You heard Jisung cough.

"Umm, what are you doing?" He asked eyebrows etched in confusion. You turned to him with a playful grin.

"Catching snowflakes, duh," You said resuming your previous actions.

"But why?" Jisung asked curiously.

"Because it's fun," You replied, not even looking at him as you beckoned him over and said, "join me."

Rising from the ground, he moved to stand next to you before copying your actions, his eyes closed and mouth wide open.

For a moment, the two of you just stood there catching snowflakes in your mouth. Then you heard a groan. Turning your head to look at your best friend, you laughed.

"Why are you pouting?" You asked.

"Because I haven't caught a single one," He grumbled. You just laughed harder.

"You have to lean your head back you moron." Jisung's mouth formed an "o" shape before he straightened his shoulders and resumed his position.

"I knew that," Jisung grumbled, causing you to shake your head at the stubborn boy. When the first snowflake settled on his tongue, he turned to you with a giddy smile. "I caught one!"

"I told you it was fun," You grinned brightly. Your jaw had grown sore so you opted to just study the falling snow.

You hummed, the winter wonderland surrounding you bringing you a sense of peace and contentment.

"This is the prettiest thing to ever exist," You mumbled to yourself, crouching down to gather snow in your hands, letting it fall between your fingers.

"I beg to differ," Jisung said. You turned your gaze to look up at the boy behind you, cocking your brow up.

"And why's that?" You questioned.

"Because you are," Jisung said, giving you a wink. Your cheeks burned bright red as you turned your gaze away from him to hide your flustered state.

"S-Shut up," You mumbled embarrassed. Jisung just laughed at you before coming behind you to push you over, snow falling all around you before he took off running.

He's gonna get it now, you groaned, lifting yourself to shake the snow off before taking off after your best friend.

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