Modern day romance
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New notification he added me on snap, it must be love

Modern day romance

New notification

he added me on snap

next thing i know he's snapping me

wow he must like me

he sends heart eyes

and tells me i have good thighs

this is modern day romance

no talking on the phone

no dates

hooking up before holding hands

it must be love, right?

words through the screen are more important than those spoken in person

he makes me feel special

he likes my body

must be love, right?

but this isn't romance

romance is when he calls you midday to see how you are doing, not at 3 am

romance is when he asks to get breakfast, not ice cream late at night

romance is when you hold hands before kissing on the first date

romance is when he makes you feel special because of everything, not just your body

romance is lost in this modern day

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