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handsameu Blade is my pen, blood is my ink
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I'm falling on a star.


Please hold my hand, let us fly

Let's ride on the clouds of sky.

We will be baiting on the stars,

And wish the heal of our scars.

Together we will catch fireflies

On this night we'll make highs.

Forget all the shits of this life,

Escape the hell through knife.

Pretend the slash of our souls-

And disappear; ignore the fools.

Fake our death and run away,

From the stupidities they say.

They don't know what we feel,

Everyone is just making us ill.

No, they won't cut our string,

We'll forever duet, lovers sing.

Our hands won't be separated,

"I love you" being forever said.

From mountain's first rays on,

To the sunsets we look up on.

This comfort clothed on me,

Dayumn, maybe I'm just silly;

My mind fails to comprehend,

So these words, I hereby end,

I love you like incurable curse;

I love you like infinite universe.

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen.

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