Ode to DD Drago
Ode to DD Drago dad stories

halfdelitanante Community member
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there are bear dads and lion dads and deer dads i have a dragon dad

Ode to DD Drago

there are bear dads and lion dads and deer dads

i have a dragon dad

hey thats not that bad

when he's imaginary and ur mad

he takes u for walks in his pocket

over the hot gym instructor he makes bets

on which ass he's gona be tapping tonight

while groots all geared up for the fight

dd drago takes groot for walks

to prove he's not all talk

and tucks him in at night

while angela nips at him light

dd drago is the best in the world

even when tantrums are being hurled

everything's ok with some ice cream

alls right with the world it all seems

having a dragon for a dad is not all fun n play

he's getting old and all day in bed lay

he doesnt even put on seppy's armor anymore

i count months of indolence 1, 2 , 3 , 4!

dd drago likes fox hugs

groot likes bear hugs

and groot-daddy bugs

and the goodnight snugs

dd messes up groots hair

he must get splinters thats pretty fair

when testing dd groot dares

dm and maids scare

i wouldn't exchange my dd for the world

dd drago's groot's pride n joy

except when he goes on the balcony

come back here oy!!

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