Love,Solitude,72 supernatural stories

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Short inserts of a guy having encounters and interactions with demons in the solitude of his room that feels like a prison as he struggles through heartbreak, hopelessness, and mental battles with himself

[pure fiction and imagination]



As I sit on this depression seeped bed I feel his index finger caress my collarbone, as I feel his presence slumping over my back.

“How interestingly odd and unique are you” I continue to look blankly off into space as he speak’s knowingly or unknowingly in a seductive manner to my ears “you are beloved” I grow cold

from his spoken truth.

Though I’m numb and cold I can still feel his warmth “I’m armored already beloved” (with a giggle) “I’ll encourage and watch,

my blessings to you because I can smell your hurt and agony and if not as takingly fond of you or understanding you’ll regret talking to them”.

I knew he was right as I sunk into a adrenaline filled fear but was warming up as his voice rung in my ear giving me a shiver of pleasure.

“It may seem I play two sides but I understand ur split n slightly tainted soul” I felt him back off from me “I’ll step in if necessary to help them to also see you as beloved as I do” I turn

to see a man covered in scales with angle wings with a heavy grey demeanor about him.

“I’ll be watching I only need be heart feltly called and my helping hand will be extended” I felt his presence and faint image vanish with only a whisper left behind in the dark “my beloved,

named after the father of the one who knew us all how interestingly intriguing you are I am forneus”.

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