You. You, and You Always.

      You. You, and You Always. art stories

haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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What happens when two writers find each other and form a deep connection?...

You. You, and You Always.

I want you to shed all of your layers of wisdom and knowledge.

I want to pick those layers up off the ground and dance with them, as I would have pieces of you to treasure until the world collapsed.

I want it to be just you and I, together, in a blank room full of possibility. Our minds will combine and we will paint that blank room until not a speck is left without color.

Our creativity will be endless, and the world shall gasp in awe at the forces we create.

Ink will flow from our fingertips so fast, that we will have written over 500 stories by the end of the night. For you, I shall lose my self-doubt and cynicism.

I will submit myself to you completely, and you will find new ideas and golden storylines in the depths of my soul. Our boundaries shall be non-existent.

The fragile Earth will not be able to sustain us for long, so we'll have no choice but to break free and escape to the outer limits.

By then, our souls will be so intertwined that they will slow dance in never-ending harmony. Destined to stick with each other for eternity.

Until our unique intelligence fades from existence, we will swim in the stars and explore the planets.

While holding on to Saturn's rings, we will finally reach the time that we've been waiting in suspense for.

Together, we will defy gravity.

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