We're All Candles...
We're All Candles... mental illness stories

haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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Humans are fragile, much like the flame of a candle.

We're All Candles...

Imagine yourself as the glowing flame of a candle.

Very rarely do you stay still.

All the energy bundled up tight inside of your body aches to get out.

It breaks through your veins, being released in strong, forceful, swaying waves.

You're always moving.

But with just a little push of breath, you can be knocked out easily,

A breath, intent on blowing you out, destroying you.

Compare a simple breath to a hateful insult.

The insult has the strongest impact on you.

You keep cool and try to shrug it off, but it repeats inside of your head.

It repeats until you break down and die mentally.

It can be so cruel, you force yourself to die physically.

While blowing candles out may be all in fun and traditional, imagine yourself as the candle.

You're a hyped up, sensitive mess in the form of a light orange flame.

One blow, and you're down.

Think before you act.

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