The Untitled Poem

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haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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Feelings change, much like the seasons.

The Untitled Poem

One bright, sunny, hopeful day

A young and joyful girl looked up to the sky

"One day, I will experience true, pure love!"

She said, with an excited grin on her face.

Nothing could stop the happiness from washing over her

As she closed her eyes and dreamed of the future

One chilly, foggy, autumn day

A boy named Alex laid his eyes on her

He never believed in love, but now it stared right at him.

"I will always be here for you," he said, with a kiss

Nothing could stop the disappointment from hitting her

As she left his empty house without any closure.

One cold, icy, winter day

A guy named Jake served her coffee in a diner.

When she finished the cup, there was a note at the bottom.

"I will keep you safe and sound," he said, as he led her to his bed.

Nothing could stop the depression from hitting her

As she cried in her room because she wasn't pure.

One warm, cloudy, spring day

Her neighbor Max came over to talk to her.

After he ended the heartfelt confession, she kissed him.

"I will promise to never hurt you," he said, as he left.

Nothing could stop the numbness from hitting her

As she slapped him in front of the girl on his furniture.

One hot, beautiful, summer day

The once hopeful and caring girl pulled out a blade.

"I cannot feel a single damn thing anymore"

She said angrily, with no expression whatsoever.

Absolutely nothing could stop the blade from slicing her

As she shut her eyes and ended the torture.

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