The Queen Dragon.
The Queen Dragon. creative stories

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A dragon unknown of her own power until she has to fight in order to found out when In war with her enemy.

The Queen Dragon.

Behind the ancient door there is a mystical world that lies. There lies a beautiful land of green trees, deep blue lakes and fluffy white clouds. But what makes this world so intriguing is Amethyst... A queen dragon. She is known for her power, her beauty and her battles that she fought. Her scales are purple to a grey shade that protects her from harm. Her eyes are dark blue that changes color according to her power. Black is to see and hear from a long distance. Green is to fly faster. Gold is when she's roaring with anger. When she breathes out fire she protects herself and others from poison or any other danger. When she breathes lightly into water, it turns into ice and she can see the past of other dragons. She keeps this particular power secret to herself. The battles she has fought has only strengthened her and has added to her wisdom. A couple of years ago a battle she has not forgotten still makes her blood boil every time it crosses her mind. Spinel, her beloved sweetheart that she lost during that dreadful battle. Spinel was a strong dragon. He had the power to heal other dragons from breathing lightly into the heart of the dragon. He had the power to remove a curse. His body was covered with scars, he promised himself to heal his loved ones and had sacrificed himself to save Amethyst on that dreadful night. Amethyst was severely injured, and in order to save her he had to give up his power to make her live and take care of their daughter Aquamarine. Amethyst still mourned Spinel until this day. Aquamarine was a water dragon. Her beauty takes after her mother. Her powers will make other dragons weaker. She can create deadly storms when she's aggravated under water. Neither does she or others know that she carries a very special power that no other dragon has been gifted. Not even her mother the strongest dragon of all time. Amethyst's enemies are coming for what they couldn't take on that dreadful battle... her life and her land. She never seeked revenge, she wanted to so much but her daughter always stopped her and she had made a promise to Spinel to protect her from every danger. Venom, a very dark and dangerous dragon was the murderer of Spinel. When he came near you, all you can feel is coldness and danger. He has the strongest and sharpest teeth. He can rip other dragon's skins off by just one bite and press his venom into their blood; a poison that can't be healed. His surroundings are always dark, cold and smell of death. He is coming to kill the Queen dragon and take her place. As Amethyst's eyes turn to black, she can feel that Venom is getting closer. She can hear his thoughts. She has no choice but to fight him and she wants to take her revenge. She warns her daughter Aquamarine to stay under water for her protection. She warns the others to hide and wants to take on Venom on her own. Everywhere is pitch black as Venom arrives. Cold winds blow as he comes towards her. Her heart beats faster as she's afraid that she will fail. He hears her beating heart, her breathing heavily. As they are eye to eye after all those years, there is only death on both their minds. Amethyst remembers what Venom did to Spinel and her anger makes her stronger. She takes off and flies as fast as she can, as high as she can; leaving Venom to think that she is afraid to face him. He follows her high up to the clouds. Aquamarine hears her mother's thoughts and she starts off her deadly storms and dark heavy clouds closing in Venom. He tries to escape but he can't, every time he tries to get out of their trap strong lightning strikes him and it makes him weaker. Amethyst on the other side breathes out her fire, burning Venom's scales. Venom is falling down, his eyes turn red, and he flies towards her with frustration and bites Amethysts tail, injecting his poison into her. She growls loudly. Aquamarine hears her mother's cry and brings down Venom by his tail and drags him to the ground. Amethyst on the other side tries stay strong, as she can't heal herself from Venoms poison. Venom scratches Aquamarines face. She bites him by his arm and throws him onto the ground. She holds him down. He tries to fight her off but he is getting weaker. His breathing gets weaker as she stares into his eyes. As Aquamarine gets ready to breathe fire onto him, an unknown memory comes to her mind. A memory of her father appears in her mind, of his death. Venom throws her off and she crashes into the hard rocks. Her visions are still there. Seeing Venom murdering her father only feeds her anger and strength. Amethyst in deep shock as she realizes her daughter's new power. Venom steps closer to her, Aquamarine's eyes turn into ice, Venom cannot take his eyes off from hers. As she keeps staring he shivers inside, and turns into ice, making it harder and harder for him breath. The other dragons stare in shock. Venom is now all frozen and his heart is no longer beating, Aquamarine thinks of her father and takes a deep breath and breathes out a fierce fire that destroys Venom for all. Her unveiled power has saved their land. Sun rises slowly, taking away the darkness. Aquamarine walks towards her injured mother. She kneels towards her mother's beating heart and lightly breathes in her healing power that she inherited from her father. Amethyst gains back her power and health. Aquamarine looks around and sees the dragons bowing down to her including her mother. Her mother crowns her as the 'Queen Dragon". She makes and oath to her mother and all the other dragons that she will protect them from all harm until her vey last breath. As she flies through the clouds, she can see her father smiling down to her and knows that he is proud of the dragon she has become.

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