The Blood That Drips Down
The Blood That Drips Down suicide stories
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halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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I lay awake at night

The Blood That Drips Down

I lay awake at night, not getting any sleep

Thinking about you and how things would be

If you were with me

But my black heart can't take it

Because I'm so afraid that you will break it

Just like you did before

You slammed the door

To leave me crying

On the floor

Scars on my arms

From thoughts about you

The blood dripped down

But you never knew

You didn't really care

The pain fills the air

I'm pulling out my hair

So stressed and chaotic

I always had a fake smile

And you bought it

I cut my wrist

When I see you with her

All of my memories

Are in a blur

So I sit here

With my blade

Cuts and burns

But I have a gun right here

So maybe the tables will turn

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