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A poem about love as requested by @arcadedragon. Thanks for the request, I enjoyed writing this. If you want to request a topic for me to write about, comment your idea on What Do You Guys Want(tell me please)


Love is real

Real and true

Love is me

Me and you

Love is laughing

Love is tears

Love is lasting

Through the years

Love is rare

Rare as can be

Only you

Can love me

Love is old

Love is new

Love is needed

For me and you

Love is peace

Peace is love

Love is knowing

That we are free

Love is touch

Holding hands

Love is showing

That your my man

Love is truth

No more lies

Love is saying

Saying goodnight

Waking up

Next to you

That's what makes

Our love true

This poem is about love as requested by @arcadedragon. Thanks for the request.

Remember that you guys can also request what kind of poems you want me to write about too

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