Dysfunctional  feelings stories
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hac hi, I'm a 14 y-o trying to tell stories
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This is a story based on a little boy who's family. Is just a little bit un-leveled.


My mom hits us because she doesn't have a punching bag

while my father drinks the dull days and nights away

and while my parents argue

my brother fucks every girl in town

and my sister calls her dealer

I stay in my room

trying to take in everything and try to figure it all out but i can't

I cry myself to sleep

and question all the people around me

my whole world spins around

and my therapist tells me it'll be alright.

but thats only because I don't tell him anything

I don't tell her about my abusive mom

or my alcoholic dad

or my std filled brother.

or my drug addicted sister.

I just tell him

"I'm fine, I'm just stressed, don't worry!"

So the appointment will go by quicker.

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