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Claire: Heyy! Abel bro please tell. Abel: Ohk! Ohk! Yeah, the trip was amazing.


Claire: Heyy! Abel bro please tell me about the trip. Abel: Ohk! Ohk! Yeah, the trip was amazing.As per the brochure, the hotel was nice, swimming pool, food everything was nice.

Claire: I know all that tell me did you met any girl. Abel: Oh yeah one and she was......... I have no words to describe her but she was great. She was there with her friends, so my group and her group mingled. It was nice hanging out with other people that we didn't know.

Abel: I was with a girl named shruti while we were talking she called out that girl "Maria come here". Claire:(with a grin) Then

Abel: Then nothing we talked about our life, our work, family, etc. We took a walk alone in the sand of the beach and talked till sunrise. I felt this connection with her. Claire: Oh! Yeah

Abel: Yeah rest of the days we went hiking, paragliding, etc. etc. I don't know what was about her smile it's like it is forcing us to forget all our misery. On the last day. Claire: Did you said something to her.

Abel: I was going to she was alone standing like she was waiting for something. I went to her, suddenly a car came and stopped near her, and a man walked out and hugged her and kissed her. Claire: Oh fuck Abel: Claire! Language. Claire: Sorry then

Abel: It was her husband. She saw me and introduced me to her husband, he was a good looking man. He went back to the car and she came near me and kissed my cheek and said "Thank you! I enjoyed it a lot" I replied, "Welcome, I also enjoyed". She went back to her car.

They were starting to go I stopped the car. Claire: Bro!! Abel: I went to him and said " You are a lucky guy".🙂🙂

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