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interview between an actor and journalist


Asraf Gulati was renowned for his performance in the science fiction suspense thriller series named "120".He was awarded with 9 film-fare awards for his performance in "120".

Once a channel named "people's voice" wanted to take his interview in order to get good TRP.

Asraf accepted the channel's request and gave his interview.

Journalist Rekha:-Good morning sir.

Asraf:-Good morning.

Journalist:-How are you?

Asraf:-Fine Thank you.

Journalist:-I think you are spending your lockdown in a peaceful way.

Asraf:- not much. just watching films and about boys locker room topic!

Journalist:-Yes it's a horrible thing.

what is the boy's locker room?

what is the discussion between them?


Bois Locker room is a social media app, chat room scandal, allegedly involving a group of teenage boys from Delhi schools, created a storm on social media,

when an Instagram user leaked chats from the group, including obscene images of around 15 girls.

Journalist Rekha:-Mr.Gulati how do you feel about this bois locker room incident?

Asraf:-It's awful to hear these types of incidents and that too this is a teenager's product. I don't know who to blame whether I should blame technology or to blame the students who did this?

Journalist:-What do you want to say about woman protection acts?

Asraf:-Yes.They are built strongly. They just stop the violence on women. But they must be more robust enough to prevent these types of attacks on women.

Strict action should be taken before any scandal happens.

Journalist:-But Our policeman, cybersecurity officers are doing their best to prevent these types of attacks by counseling students, capturing criminals in time,

conducting social awareness programs etc?

Asraf:-Ma'am.If you don't mind, they are catching criminals. But, it will take more time to heal the injury suffered by the victim.

But until then she and her family suffer a lot from others. Current people want to ruin women character for their self-satisfaction. So they should prevent crime instead of stopping crime.

Journalist:-Mr.Gulati!you and entertainment field(film industry, television industry, etc) are prone to a lot of trolls and harassment from some mischievous people.

Some of them talk about your personal information, some of them talk about your physical appearances, etc. This makes you feel disgusted. How do you handle this?

Asraf:-Yes ma'am. I just expected this sort of query from you.I'll answer it. We are here in this field for our passion and entertaining people with our shows and films.

Those who want to become famous and not had any talent were unable to survive here.

This requires a lot of practice, patience, and passion. But some entertainment industrial legends mortgages the human values for the sake of their fun.

This made these teens and other people think about women in a light way.

Our directors, producers, actors want to get comfort from the upcoming actresses. That's the reason there is always a scarcity for heroines.

So, the girl's parents denies to send them to the entertainment field.

Our teens and other people took inspiration from these types of legends(Our directors, producers, actors wants to get comfort from the upcoming actresses),

from films and other sources were forgotten how to respect a woman.

Journalist: that's a great analysis. How you will decide a solution for this?

Asraf:-Recently I met DGP of our state and informed all about these incidents.

He assured me that they'll send notices to all OTT, Social media accounts in order to take severe action against textual violence, so that if anyone harasses others through texts,

their account will be permanently blocked and they were arrested. This is our "THIRD-PARTY ACTION".

Asraf:-Thank you ma'am.

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