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Colour Film

He was broken when he met her everyone around him could see and she wasn't trying to fix him she was just trying to put him back together.

She thought the glue would stick and that she was no longer tarnished but somewhere along the line the pieces never fused collectively to each other.

They thought he was everything the most important piece of the puzzle and they didn't know her name but she was the ace up their sleeve and the reason for his success.

Because she loved him before she met his eyes but she only knew who they said he was she couldn't stand the harsh reality but she loved him still.

She was only a green dress in his mind and later hidden behind thick glass but the first time the fluorescent lights danced across her face he realized he loved her since the checkered flags waved.

He shut the door and covered his ears yet she kept up and took his hands in hers an he didn't want to listen but she forced him to.

She cut her hands on his broken pieces but she'd learned to wear gloves long ago and he'd never seen that colour of blue before but he knew that it was only a demon's mask.

If the past is dark he thought the future must be bleak but when she taught him to live in the present he saw a rainbow as if for the first time.

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