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gypsyangel11 hi i write poems
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gone but not forgotten

Bring Me

Bring me the colour purple in its rawest form The Ukrainian words my grandmother used The pearl that fell out of my necklace The fifteenth summer My first birthday My father's best days

The rose that he stole from the vase The frog that lived in my hot tub The last song I ever learned to play A grain of sand from the Arrow Lakes The flakes of green in his eyes

The way my grandfather used to be A freckle from by best friend's skin The piece of duck tape I used to fix my ballet slipper A root beer lollipop A piece of seaweed under the broken board of the pier

My sister's first stuffed animal A lucky penny found on the floor of the theatre The photograph of us among the vines A speck of fibreglass from the insulation in my attic A single ring from my dead dog's chain link collar

The dragonfly that inspired my aunt's tattoo Bring me the good things.

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