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The world as you know it is about to end, but it might have one last chance at survival. Do you think you'll make it?

From the Brink

The world ended today. Not completely, but as you know it. I don't know how many people survived across the globe but my guess is fewer than a couple of thousand.

Technically speaking, the world will actually end in two years since I've just used a time portal to go back in time.

Yes, I said time portal.

Ok fine, you want an explanation.

I worked, technically still do I suppose, for a Government - I won't say which so don't ask - science department focused on top secret projects and we'd literally just opened our first time portal.

Good timing or what? Yes I went there, made a time joke. That'll be the last one though so don't worry if you hated it.

Moving on. My plan is to somehow alter events and stop the world self-destructing.

Tough ask because I'm a nobody and as I'll explain next, the events that get us there are way above my pay grade.

"But don't worry, if you fail, you can keep coming back through the time portal and trying again." You thought that right?

Unfortunately not. You see when you use a time portal, it alters the sequence of events for the people near it.

I know, boring science stuff but stick with me, it'll help you understand why you're probably screwed.

Because humanity's luck seems to be on a worse streak than the Boston Red Sox pre-2004, Dr.Meyheimer, the genius that figured out the maths to the time portal, well, he died from a heart attack before writing that maths down because of that sequence of events thing. So no time portal now.

This is our one shot. I'm your one shot.

I could try to explain to the world what'll happen if they continue on this path but who'd believe me? I'd be shot down as one more fake news proponent or conspiracy theorist.

So I'll need to figure out an alternative approach, something more direct.

Unfortunately I can't stop the first part as that's already underway, the virus. Yes I should have turned up further back in time but I didn't have that choice. This is the real world, not Back to the Future.

Anyway, the virus, that invisible guy was the start of it all. Though at the time little did we know it was only an appetiser on the a la carte menu of restaurant, Apocalypse.

Next came the arguments between nations over vaccines. The global economy crashed. Famine soared.

The weather became incredibly unstable, to the point the atmosphere changed so much planes could no longer fly.

Unfortunately, there were thousands of planes in the sky all across the globe at the moment the world realised this was the case. That day was known as Skyfall. Millions died.

Inevitably, wars broke out here and there, then spread across the globe like wildfire.

Next came literal wildfire after a nuclear missile was launched, followed by simultaneous revenge nuclear launches.

No one knows who really fired first but it didn't matter, most of life on earth was wiped out.

Fortunately for you I wasn't. And nor was the time portal. Which brings us full circle to the here and now. I guess I should go do my best to avert the scheduled apocalypse. Wish me luck.

You'll know soon enough whether I succeed...

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