Bleed me out
Bleed me out #blood stories

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Heart broken

By: me

Bleed me out

by me

Building up courage for this moment, rain falling on my doorstep, too down to go outside and have fun, yet these 4 walls are so sad and morbit, i forfit, i know i did the wrong, ignore it

i've learned from it and i will never do it, i can put my head on it, i just really need you right now, you're the perfect hit, the dress that's the perfect fit,

i wish to get closer to you again bit by bit, because i can't stand without you in this blood pit from my slit wrists, come sit and talk to me nad make this atmosphere even more lit,

girl i'm ready to commit to you as my only girl and i will never quit, sorry for what i did, but on my soal i bid so i have to admit, i want you as my only girl to be with

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