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the goddess of anarchy and destruction


by gumikari

i am invisible.

truly, i mean it.

i've caused so much destruction.

i've hurt so many people.

but then i saw her.

she was beautiful, like no one i had ever seen before.

she taught me feeling.

and yet, she hasn't an idea of my existence.

that's okay.

isn't it ironic, though?

naturally i, a being of anarchy, would fall for an angel.

i am a sinner by the most basic definition.

and yet.

"where did you come from?" she spoke.

to me. she saw me.


"so you can see me, then. my apologies."

"i'm confused. who are you?"

"i am the true sin, my love. i'm sorry you had to see me."

"most people don't see."

"but i can..?" she was so confused.

how i hated making my love feel this way.

though, that was to be expected of me, was it not?

"i am sorry, my dear. but you should never have seen me."

"please tell me who you are."

"i am sorry our time cannot last longer. truly, i am."

"what do you-"

i murdered her there.

i'm sure she would understand.

though, i doubt it. i always fool myself.

Aalin Rose, a fiendish serial killer, has been found dead.

It was thought to be by suicide.

A note was left behind.

It was incredibly short.

"I killed her. I deserve divine punishment."

"Forgive me, my darling."

The murderer, known for claiming invisibility, is slain.

It is over.

but i guess that was a lie.

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