How to Procrastinate
How to Procrastinate procrastination stories
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A friendly step-by-step guide to reducing the amount of time you spend on homework

How to Procrastinate

by gryffin03

Every day should be about the same

Go to school

Pretend to listen

Look at social media

Get some homework to do

Go home

Open up your backpack

Get out all the materials

And do absolutely nothing with them

Later,pretend to look at them when parents walk in your room

Stress but only do about 10 minutes worth of homework

Stay up late on the internet with newfound worries

Sleep for a minimal amount of time



You now know how to masterfully procrastinate!!

Author's note

I would recommend that you not do this, procrastination is bad and only leads to sleepless nights, unnecessary stress and anxiety, don't follow my example I set a bad one

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