Darkness of the town
Darkness of the town scary story stories

greyworld finding hopes from writing
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You are not alone.

Darkness of the town

I'm walking alone through the sidewalk. No one passing by. The whole town are dark, only the moonlight accompanied me.

My phone ringing. "Dad!"

" Where are you? You shouldn't be outside at this time. Are you okay? Come on, run as fast as you can to home. NOW!"

I startled. Why did my dad say that?

"Why dad, did something happened at home? "

Tskk tskk tskk

'Did I just heard something just now? '

"It is not safe out there. You should be home now. I told you the dark secret of our town. I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE. PLEASE COME HOME NOW"

"Dad, please don't hang up. I'm scared" I said it while running back home.

Tskk Tskkk Tskkkk Tskkkkkkk

The sounds coming near to me. I ran as fast as I can.

When I arrived at a T-junction. I felt dizzy and confused, where should i go? It is feel like this is the first time I came here.

"Dad help me." My tears rolling down my cheeks.

Tutttttt. The phone blackout.

"No! No! Arghh! Why did the phone has to run their battery out right this time!"

I wipes my tears up. I said to myself "You can make it! You have to come home to your family!"

Tskkkkkkk. "are you lost? HAHAHAHAHA"

'The thing' is following me.

I choose to go to the road that at my right.

No one. But there is a light at the end of the road.

I walked since i was too close with the light.

The light is too bright. I barely can open both of my eyes.

Then I saw You walking towards me.

You ran and hugged me tight.

I was so relieved that I'm not the only one wandering at the road.

You said "What do you did here? Don't you scared? I'm lost. I want to go home. But i just lost"

"I'm lost too. And i felt like something following me."

Tskkk tskkkk "You guys shouldn't be here at this time."

"Arghhhh!" You screaming.

I grab your hand and ran my lungs out.

The roads are so confusing. I think that I did passed this road just now.

"LET US GO! I JUST WANNA GO HOME" You raised your head up and shouted.

Tskk tskk tskkkkkkkk

Tskkk tskkkkk tskkkkkk

Tsk tsk tsk

"Home. I'll let you go. But. HAAHAHAHA"

You cried.

I asked 'the thing' "But. But. But what?"

Tskk tskk

"I want to eat" The thing reply.

Then You give me a blank stare.

I whispers to You "No, don't you dare! We will be fine. Just be patient. We are already home."

"YES I WILL FEED YOU!" You shouted.

Tskk tskk " I want to eat your soul"


Zappp. I'm fell off. Laying on my back down.

I open up my eyes. I saw my bedroom.

Slowly I wake up. "Dad! Mom!"

I heard footsteps towards my room.

Both of my parents hug me. "Thank God you're home. I'm frightened when you cut off the phone"

Tskk tskkk "You're happy now"

'The thing' said

I looked at my window.

There is You.

With the thing at your back

Now watch your back 😏

He's there

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