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My journey through a love lost and rightfuly so


140 Characters or Less

140 characters doesn't seem like enough to describe how I feel until suddenly it's too many and I'm still empty

i feel as beautiful as you once said i was but now you're trying to pull me down

I forgave so that you could forget but where does that leave me

It's inconvenient that you need to get rid of someone to have the courage to make them leave

You were selfish I was kind So when you hurt me I didn't mind

i remember the moment we went from thoughtless trust to careful, calculated words

How do you get to live in peace while I'm sleepless in your wake

I know I'm not an angel but you sure are one hell of a demon

Your words pound in my head while I try to think of a single time I tried to hurt you with what I said

I felt like a blue bird in a cage who is told of it's beauty then shunned for wanting to fly

Why do I spend my sleepless nights thinking of you when all I want is to forget I ever knew your name

Breathing is difficult but one day, even if only for a short time, it won't be.

It's funny I'm lonely but I'll never be lonely enough to even consider you as a friend ever again

You drained the life from my eyes because you were envious of their glow then had no remorse when my happiness vanished

your words came too late because Ive been done being helpless and you just started to try and help

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