Treasured memory
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gregorye things i would never admit to in person.
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I hope she remembers too.

Treasured memory

Through the street light beams

two figures appear,

in the dark foggy streets

both hiding their fear.

Him of his present

her of the past

are they aware,

that things will move fast?

So fast in fact,

that after a time,

it will dissapear completely

gone to the naked eye.

But in that moment

on that misty street

a memory is created

that has all others beat;

a shopping cart dinky

ends in a fall

yet both know that laughter

is the best medicine of all

they laugh as they walk

and from where they began

they return and just talk

like the oldest of friends

The time now grows late

as forever they've been

out the front of the party

where nobody has seen

the time comes to go

and embrace they do share

yet as she turns to go,

he feels his heart tear.

with a grab or her wrist

a flurry and a twist

they embrace once again,

sharing a goodbye kiss.

A knock at the door

and they both spring apart

yet now they understand

the burn in their heart

yet as we know,

it was never to be

but im sure both still keep

that treasured memory.

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