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gregorye things i would never admit to in person.
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when you're down, don't miss what is right in front of you.

Look Up

Work is a bore

But the way you smile

You laugh

Makes it worth every minute.

Your voice beckons home,

If only circumstances were different.

I have already made the error

Of mixing work and pleasure

Some things are better left untouched

My feelings slowly fade,

As I try to shut out your smile

Your sweet laugh

My insides twist

As late at night

My mind insists

That I wasn’t right

I block it out.

And move on.

Work is a bore

It tears away at me

Every shift with you.

But then she appears.

As if out of nowhere

Cheerful, and bubbly,

Eyes sparkling of adventure

Hours of laughter

Plays on her lips

She walks off

I stifle a smile.

I already can’t wait

To see her again.

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