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gregorye things i would never admit to in person.
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My Friends Saved My Life.


I came and saw you today

You looked so peaceful wearing all white,

Wrapped in that silvery blanket

I enjoy coming to see you.

It makes me feel happy,

Like I haven't got a care in the world.

It helps take away some of the pain

For a while anyway.

The others say I shouldn't visit so often.

They tell me it's not healthy

I think they worry about me.

But they just don't realise,

How much you help.

I think about you often you know that?

Mostly when I'm sad.

There are times, late at night

Where I want to visit you so badly.

They're the worst.

My friends keep me away most

They keep me busy, and I forget about you.

And when times are worst they are the only thing stopping me from visiting.

Not even their presence

But just the memories, the smiles, the laughs.

The long late chats

The early morning giggles

The holidays, and the adventures

They keep me distracted,

From needing that happy rush you provide

I forget about you altogether sometimes.

That smile, her laugh,

That happiness isn't temporary

It's unavoidable, infectious

And completely engulfing.

Yet there it goes.

An opportunity gone,

Like a petal in the wind

Floating Just out of grasp,

And I'm back again.

Sitting outside your window,

Staring through the bubble.

While you beckon me

The pull has never been so strong.

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