Nobody Really Knows
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gregneroMind of a student, soul of a shepherd
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A humble entry for the Love 2016 poem contest :)

Nobody Really Knows

by gregnero

"You're Too Young"

To understand the sacrifices, to understand the meaning, to understand what love really is.

"I'll Tell You When You're Older"

As if love required a membership, or a ritual to be ordained into this secretive cult that nobody could describe, the leaders just as confused and troubled as those wishing to enter.

So We Waited

For our time to come, convinced that we could not comprehend its vastness, and discouraged by those who preached its "truth."

Then We Realized

That nobody really knows what love is.

We Discovered That "Love Is"

A beautiful lie, an opinion as unique as the person who recites it. Something that can never be defined, because to accept that knowledge for yourself, and label it, would be a moral crime

You Can Ask

The greatest philosophers, the most prestigious teachers, those who are cloaked in the splendors of public adoration. But they could never really tell you what love is.

Because Nobody Really Knows

Yet We Continue To Love

Despite our shortcomings, and our grievances, our greatest failures, and our darkest fears.

Because We Realize

That it doesn't matter how old you are, or how "entitled" you may consider yourself.

Because Love Belongs To Everyone

And A World Without Love

Is a flame without fuel, A wick without wax, a soul without solace.

So Please,

Continue to love, no matter your race, gender, sexuality, or religion, because we are all just humans , deprived of a fundamental truth, but nevertheless passionate for its feeling.

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