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A letter to me, from me. Happy ending.

dear self

by greenspace

I'm sorry for hating you.

I'm sorry.

Every time something goes wrong I come back to you and scream at you for messing it up.

I'm sorry for hating you.

For telling you that you need to change something. For stabbing you over and over.

I'm sorry for taking your chest and pushing on it until your bones turned into dust.

I'm sorry for telling you that you aren't beautiful enough. Making you think that in order to be worth anything you have to have someone who you deem good enough tell you that you are.

I'm sorry for blaming you for every mistake that happens.. even the ones you aren't responsible for.

I'm sorry for replacing your eyes with lasers that cut through your body..

Lasers that tell you your chest is too small, your waist is a box - a pathetic body for a woman to have. A man wants a woman to hold... not a bag of bones representing a 12 yr old boy.

How could anyone survive hating themselves the way I hate me?

You stupid girl, you lost the best thing that ever happened to you. You fucked it up because you smoke too much. You're too anxious.

Your body isn't enough to stun a man. You fucked up. Simply because you were not good enough and he did not want you.

You pathetic girl. You let him cheat on you.

You desperste girl. You sold yourself as a slave.

I have so much shame. I have so much hate for myself. How? How does this happen?

I ruined a structure that was strong at one point. The evil of the world seeped in and disolve your bones.

Dear self, I'm sorry for doubting you. Hating you. Hurting you.

Dear self, You are so loved.

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